Professional Education Programs 2016

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Created, developed, organized and presented the following continuing professional education programs for the international publishing industry.

January 10-17, 2016: "Copyright, Trademarks and Patents for Multimedia Publishing" as a two day management seminar for the Shanghai Administration for Press, Publications, Radio, Film and Television in Shanghai and X'ian, China.

February 21-26, 2016: Carried out research, recommended guest speakers and judge for the Shanghai International Printing & Packaging Products Trading Fair (SIPPF) organized by the Shanghai Printing Trade Association, Shanghai, China. Served as guest speaker for "Beyond Paper - Creative Art and Packaging"

March 23, 2016: "Buying and Selling Digital Rights" presented lecture during the International Copyright and Translation Rights Conference, Renmin University, Beijing

April 15, 2016: "Entering the Chinese Market for Book Publishers" Webinar for the Book Industry Study Group, New York

May 5-6, 2015: "Managing Digital Publishing for the University Presses" two day seminar for the Renmin University, Beijing at the SUNY Global Center, New York

May 16, 2016: "Insights into the Chinese Publishing Markets" presented Webinar lecture for the Book Industry Study Group, New York.

August 1-5, 2016: Yale University Book Publishing Course, New Haven, CT: Member of core faculty and presented lecture on "Financial Management for e-Books and printed Book Publishing."

August 29-30 and September 1-2, 2016: "Digital and Online Marketing for Book Publishers" as a two day seminar in Beijing and Nanjing, China.

August 22-25, 2016: Presented a paper on "Strategies and Action Plans for Selling and Buying Digital Rights" and " Beijing International Book Fair, Beijing and presented a paper "Business Models for Digital Media: Financial Management for New Ventures" for the International Digital Publishers Forum in Beijing

September 14, 2016: One day seminar on "Journal Production and Digital Systems for STM Journals" for delegation of STM journal publishers from China, New York, New York.

September 18-25, 2016: Participated in the Second China-Eurasia Publishing Expo and presented two papers on "The Silk Road - now a Digital Superhighway" and "The Role of Publishers in a Multimarket Region" also presented two lectures for the Xinjiang Administration of Press, Publications, Radio, Film and Television, Urumqi, Xinjiang.

October 18-21, 2016: Frankfurt Book Fair - International Rights Directors Meeting - developed a program and presented "Introduction to the Book Market Segments of China" for the BISG, Frankfurt, Germany.

October 25, 2016: Download Digital Tech Conference, presented lecture on "Introduction to Digital China beyond Smart phones" for attorneys in New York.

November 5-8, 2016: "1001 Titles" Publishers Workshop - "The Added Value Chain of Publishing" presented a series of lectures during the Sharjah International Book Fair, United Arab Emirates.

November 14-15, 2016: organized and presented seminar on "STM and Professional Publishing in the Digital Arena: New Technologies, New Developments, New Markets" for the Chinese Academy of Sciences, SUNY Global Center, New York.

December 5-9, 2016: presented four day seminar "Convergence of Multimedia in Digital Publishing" for delegation of Chinese publishers, SUNY Global Center, New York.

Consulting assignments
In addition to creating, organizing and presenting these continuing professional management courses, I serve as consultant to eight publishing companies and as a Board member for the Consumer Reports organization.