Professional Education Programs 2018

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Created, developed, organized and presented the following professional education programs for the international publishing industry.

January 8 - 12 Sharjah, UAE: "The Added Value Chain of Publishing" presented a five day course on managing the basic elements for book publishers.

January 22 - 24 Seattle, Washington: Meetings with Amazon Books for developing a training program for self-publishing.

April 23 - 25 Kunming, China: Created, organized and presented a three day seminar "New Technologies and New Developments for Scientific, Technical, Medical and Professional Publishers"

April 26 - 27 Shanghai, China: Meetings with the State Administration for Press, Publications, Radio, Film and Television to develop a series of new management seminars.

May 7 - 10 Shanghai, China: Presented "Copyright, Patents and Trademarks in Digital and Multimedia Publishing" for a record number of over 360 participating publishers.

May 29 - 30 New York: Presented an intense two day "Challenges of Open Access for Scientific, Technical, Medical and Professional Journal Publishers" at the SUNY Global Center in New York.

June 4 - 5 New York: "Digital and Multimedia Publishing for General and Trade Books" for a delegation of Chinese publisher at the SUNY Global Center in New York.

June 26 - 27 Tokyo, Japan: Meetings with the Publishers Association to develop a series of seminars on "The Four Forms of Online Marketing for Book Publishers"

August 21 - 26 Beijing, China: Organized and presented a two day "International Digital Publishing Forum" with eighteen guest speakers during the Beijing International Book Fair.

September 25 - 26 New York: Developed a program for eight members of the top management of the Zhejiang Publishing Group of Hangzhou, China to carry out market research for joint ventures and rights purchases.

October 10 New York: Consumer Reports, Board of Directors Meeting, was recognized for 12 years of impactful Board leadership, noted as a guiding force in Consumer Report's transformation from print to digital publishing.

December 10 - 13 Tai'an, Chine: Presented three papers during the "2nd International Cooperative Publishers Conference"
Received a special Award in recognition of presenting training and education programs for the Chinese publishing industry over the past five years.

Consulting assignments:
In addition to developing and presenting the continuing professional management courses, I serve as consultant to six publishing companies and as the Editor for the Publishing Research Quarterly Journal.